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Tote Bags - A small bag that carries just about anything!

Stylish, functional, fashionable and fun. Our Volks-Baggin totes are made from new, vintage-style VW bug and bus upholstery interiors. Lined with pinhole perforated headlining and German square weave carpet bottom.  This bag is all CAR!

Wallets – I keep it simple and affordable!

No dreaded Velcro, and no snaps that can give you an unpleasant discomfort in the (you know where)! My slim credit card/wallet not only holds your credit cards but has a deep pocket to hold your folded cash. Great for beginners who have not yet graduated to the fat wallet !!!

Key Fobs – Made to look like the VW Assist Strap!

Loop measures 7" around or 3 ½” on each side. Fits perfectly on all four fingers. Tucks easily in your pocket without feeling too bulky or makes your keys easy to find in your purse.

Coin Purses – Got Change?

Built in flexible frame closure keeps your loose change from falling out. This little coin purse can also be used to carry your Bluetooth or just about anything small that you don't want to lose.  Small enough to fit in your pocket.

Checkbook Covers – Yes, We still use them!

Our checkbook cover holds a check register and a book of top tear checks. Can also be stored in your glove compartment to hold important documents.


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